Photography by Chad Gayle: A Primer


With four (4!) different websites that feature my photography, a search that involves my name or one of the types of photographic niches that I tend to occupy often leads the surfer to the wrong place. I’m trying to alleviate that unintentional misdirection here with a brief summary of the websites that represent my work. …

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Beatles Themed Book Trailer for LET IT BE

This is a short video promoting my novel Let It Be, made with Adobe After Effects. I don’t really like the term “book trailer,” which has always seemed rather silly to me, since books are not, after all, movies, but given the fact that the publishing industry has decided that book trailers are, in fact, …

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An Interview with Actor Tony LaFortezza

When actor Tony LaFortezza came to my New York photo studio to update his headshots, I knew that I was in for a treat. Tony is a character actor who has appeared in many films, television programs, and commercials; a consummate professional who works hard at his craft, he has taught and run acting workshops …

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