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How Let It Be Came To Be: Sgt. Pepper’s, the Bee Gees, and the Making of an Unlikely Fan

There was magic packed into that twelve-inch disc, an uncanny, otherworldly kind of joy that revealed itself at thirty-three and a third revolutions per minute. I was ten years old when I heard it for the first time, and there was something miraculous in the fact that I could sit down and listen to it …

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Why Let It Be Went Wrong

The Beatles Let It Be (Album) - Cover Image

A CONVERSATION ABOUT THE BEATLES WITH KENNETH WOMACK, AUTHOR OF LONG AND WINDING ROADS: THE EVOLVING ARTISTRY OF THE BEATLES By the end of 1968, the Beatles were in the doldrums, disillusioned by their own ubiquitous fame and strung out from the roller coaster ride that had made them the kings of rock and roll. …

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