Category: Images of New York

Urban Photography

Urban street art in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (1 of 2)

As a photographer, I have wide ranging interests, but I’m particularly drawn to urban photography. Here are few examples which have been consolidated from several posts; most of these images can also be purchased as prints through Brooklyn Prints. [wooslider slideshow_speed=”6.0″ slide_page=”urban_photography” slider_type=”slides” limit=”20″] These images were culled from the previous posts: Urban Landscapes Subway …

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New York Skyline Photography

New York skyline, classic view

The skyline of New York changes more rapidly than any other, which makes photographing the skyline an archival endeavor, even when the photographer is using the same vantage point. Here are a few examples of my skyline photography which illustrate this point.           Slightly different versions of these photos can be …

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New York Bridges

Brooklyn Bridge (tilt shift)

I’ve never understood why I’m so fascinated with the bridges of New York, but I do know that they present a unique opportunity to photographers: the ability the explore the intersection between what we can accomplish as engineers and as artists and the environment around us. Here are some images of the Brooklyn Bridge, the …

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