Photography by Chad Gayle: A Primer


With four (4!) different websites that feature my photography, a search that involves my name or one of the types of photographic niches that I tend to occupy often leads the surfer to the wrong place. I’m trying to alleviate that unintentional misdirection here with a brief summary of the websites that represent my work.

1. Photography by Chad Gayle is my newest photo site and is essentially a portfolio with a healthy dose of “what I’m doing right now.” For instance, there is a nice sampling of my fashion photography from the past three years (see website Number 2, below); there are also pages devoted to some of the street photography I’ve done in the past, including a project that I shot with my Hasselblad over the course of four months called 21st-Century Times Square. And I’ve just started an ongoing series for the blog portion of that site aptly named “I Like A Leica” that features photos I’ve taken with my analog Leica M6.

2. In 2014, I opened a commercial photography studio in Midtown Manhattan. New York Photogenic was the storefront, so to speak, for my commercial photography and includes samples of my New York headshots.

3. Brooklyn Prints is the oldest of my photography sites and suffers, unfortunately, from occasional periods of neglect which I hope to counter very soon. Through the Brooklyn Prints catalog, I sell fine art prints that feature my images of New York’s varied landscapes, from its famous bridges (Brooklyn, I’m talking about you!) to its parks and landmarks. There’s a lot there to choose from, especially in the skylines category.

4. Finally, there’s the website you’re reading this article on,, which offers essentially a taste of some of my black and white urban landscapes, some of my favorite New York skyline photography, and a smattering of articles about photography that may also include some fun events that I’ve covered. The quickest and easiest way to pick and choose among these is to select the Photography link in the topmost menu.

Hopefully this quick rundown of my photography websites will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. Note that although there are also four different ways to contact me (each site has its own contact page with a different email address attached to it), if you need to reach me to discuss a photographic matter of any kind, it is best to go to the contact Chad page at my portfolio site (use the link provided).

Surf on!

Figures in a Train Station, Black and White Image by Chad Gayle