Second Coming: Five Stories by Chad Gayle [Cover Image]

Second Coming: Five Stories by Chad Gayle

Although I love short stories, I have to admit that I approach new short story collections with a bit of apprehension, because I know from past experience that most collections are, to put it gently, slightly padded. Do you recall ever reading a collection that didn’t contain at least three stories that fell far short of the mark set by the opening story? I know I can’t, and so I made a conscious effort, when I decided to release my own collection of stories, to make it a concise, even, and extremely tight bundle of tales.

The result was Second Coming, a collection of five stories that deals with the themes of love and obsession. These are literary shorts populated by sinners and saints, an eclectic group of characters whose suffering forces them to re-evaluate themselves and their place in the world.

The title is drawn from the third story, “Second Coming,” which posits a time in which Jesus Christ has returned as a California liberal with a world-changing agenda. Unfortunately for him (and the rest of us), his vision is compromised by love: specifically, his love for a Mary Magdalene like character he has always been attracted to.

I’ll be providing a free sample story from Second Coming here soon; in the meantime, click the cover image below to preview or purchase the collection at Amazon.


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